Who We Are

The Oklahoma Cannabis Trade Association is an all-inclusive membership alliance for the cannabis industry as a whole. We are a unified group of likeminded business owners and individuals who share a common goal, protecting and serving the Oklahoma cannabis industry. It is our goal to grow and support an industry focused on community, education, environmental sustainability, keeping outside interest where they belong-outside, and to assist in passing responsible regulation if needed.

Our Goals

  • To support & promote the Cannabis industry as a whole in Oklahoma
  • To support & promote the CBD industry in Oklahoma
  • To support & promote the Hemp industry in Oklahoma
  • To promote the opportunity & rights of Oklahoma business owners & workers in relation to the Cannabis/CBD/Hemp industry;
  • To work with governments & municipalities to ensure laws & regulations are inclusive of Oklahoma’s Cannabis/CBD/Hemp industry
  • To provide a statewide & unified voice for the Cannabis/CBD/Hemp industry in regards to legislative & regulatory matters
  • To promote environmental health & safety standards
  • To provide a forum for information, education, discussion & guidance for the Cannabis/CBD/Hemp industry
  • To support the development of responsible safety regulations for the Cannabis/CBD/Hemp industry
  • To conduct, encourage and facilitate research in to the use of Cannabis/CBD/Hemp and methods for its production, distribution & regulation;
  • To promote awareness about the importance of Oklahoma’s Cannabis/CBD/Hemp industry in local communities & economies; 
  • To increase understanding & appreciation of Craft Cannabis;
  • To provide guidance & resources for responsible community involvement opportunities